April 24–25, 2019, Mutah University

The First International Symposium of the Faculty of Pharmacy

“Recent Advances in treatment of cancer and diabetes”.


On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mutah University, we would like to welcome you to the First International Symposium of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mutah University. Our focus in this symposium is on the recent advances in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. This symposium aims to serve as a platform for interaction among renowned scientists from academia and industry to discuss the latest developments in the pharmaceutical areas. The symposium includes invited lectures from prominent speakers in the areas of concern, and poster presentations from undergraduate and postgraduate students. This symposium is of particular interest to researchers, professionals from the health/pharmaceutical field, pharmaceutical companies, as well as graduate and postgraduate students.

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee:
Dr. Saad Mohamed Ibrahim
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Phone No.: 00 962 -3-2372380/ 6770
Fax .00962-3-2300977

Contact Person: Dr. Maha Nasr
Email: drmahanasr@mutah.edu.jo






Novel treatment approaches for cancer and diabetes

• Novel marketed pharmaceutical products
• Novel treatment techniques
• Phyto-based therapies
• Nanotechnological advances
• Drug design and synthesis
• Biochemical and pharmacological mechanisms of treatment



Keynote Speakers




  1. Prof. Dr. Gregorio Martínez Sánchez
  2. President of International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (ISCO3).
    E-mail: gregorcuba@yahoo.it
    Topic: Role of nuclear factors balance (NrF2 / NfkB) in diabetes. Potential use ozone as complementary therapy

  3. Prof. Dr. Mutasem O. Taha

    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jordan
    E-mail: mutasem@ju.edu.jo

    Topic: Innovative computer-aided methods for the discovery of new potent leads for drug development

  4. Prof. Dr. Rana Abu-Dahab
  5. Department of Biopharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jordan
    E-mail: Abudahab@ju.edu.jo

    Topic: In vitro testing in the discovery of new anticancer drugs: Proliferation and Invasion

  6. Dr. Sima Kalaldeh

    Consultant Paediatrician/Endocrinology- Jordan Hospital /Amman
    President of Eradeh (NGO for the care of children with diabetes)
    Consultant Paediatrician/Endocrinology- King Hussein Cancer Centre

    Topic: How can technology help patients with Diabetes?

  7. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny

    Professor of Smart Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine, Founding Chairman of Nanoscience Program, Director of the Center of Materials Science, Zewail City of Science and Technology, 6th October City, 12578 Giza, Egypt
    E-mail: ielsherbiny@zewailcity.edu.eg

    Topic: Nanomaterials-Based Smart Systems: Promises for Treatment of Cancer and Diabetes

  8. Dr. Kenza Abdelhadi Mansoor

    Assistant Professor, Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan E-mail: kmansoor@uop.edu.jo

    Topic: Recent Trends in Natural Antidiabetics



Abstract submission

Submit your abstract at
Download the abstract guideline template from the website Talk Abstract Template
Deadline for abstract submission: 10/4/2019



Registration information

  • Undergraduate students: 10 JOD
  • Academics and postgraduate students (Mutah University): 15 JOD
  • Academics and postgraduate students (outside Mutah University): 20 JOD
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: 100 JOD

Registration fees are paid at Cairo-Amman bank, account number: 090001217727



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