Mission, Vision and Objectives


Founded in 2008, the Mutah University Language Center (MULC) is a professional accredited center in the Faculty of Arts at Mutah University. The MULC's mission is to promote, encourage, and support the learning of modern languages for personal, academic, and professional purposes. To meet this overarching goal, the MULC offers an expert language teaching in Arabic and English to enable university students to fully utilize these languages in their academic and professional activities through the Center's regularly scheduled multi-level language courses in a stimulating and friendly atmosphere. These goals are accomplished by a well-trained staff enthusiastically committed to the success of all learners, actively involved in meeting their needs and unquestionably focused on functioning as a team for the greater good of all concerned. The Center takes seriously the responsibility to maintain its reputation for quality education, student welfare and guidance.



The MULC strives for excellence in being an outstanding pioneering center of teaching modern languages and being an internationally accredited center of English exams.


To achieve our mission, the MULC aims to:

1. Encourage and support the learning of languages on the Mutah Campus. This is our number one goal at the MULC.

2. Raise the profile of languages other than Arabic and English in close coordination with language departments.

3. Support the highest levels of academic achievement by these students whose native language is not Arabic through the Arabic courses offered for non-native speakers at the Center.

4. Foster a climate of trust, cooperation and mutual understanding that enhance the learning experience for all participants.

5. Facilitate taking some national and international exams; the National Exam, TOEFLiBT and IELTS, on the Mutah Campus in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and the British Council.