May 8–9, 2018, Mutah University

Literature and Language as a Platform for Civilizations Interaction

The Core Theme of the Conference: The interaction and integration of the contemporary linguistic and literary critical theories.

Inspired by the success of the previous conferences, we are pleased to announce that the Fifth International Conference of the Faculty of Arts at Mu'tah University (Literature and Language as a Platform for Civilizations Interaction) that is part of a series of conferences held and organized by the Faculty of Arts at Mu'tah University will take place on May 8-9, 2017 in the Faculty's effort to achieve its objectives. This includes, but not limited to acknowledging new developments in the fields of linguistics and literature, communicating with universities' research and academic institutions in the region and worldwide, drawing on the contributions of researchers worldwide, implementing the philosophy and vision of the Faculty in keeping pace with developments in the fields of study of language and literature, informing the students in the Faculty of the latest contributions in these fields as well as establishing research networks and broadening students experience in developing various academic skills..

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee: Professor Mohammad Elmatalqah - Dean of the Faculty of Arts..
Phone No.: 00 962 -3-2372380/ 6033
Fax .00962-3-2375540

The Aims

1. Recognizing the extent of the interaction and integration of the contemporary theories in the fields of linguistics, literature, rhetorics and translation.
2. Welcoming contributions from international research institutions and establishing channels of communication with them to benefit from their experiences and to achieve the vision of the conference that literature and language can serve as a platform for communication among nations.
3. Exploring to what extent contemporary theories of linguistics and literary criticism have integrated in the fields of discourse analysis, pragmatics, semiotics, and translation.
4. Providing the opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to benefit from the experience of universities and researchers regionally and worldwide.
5. Establishing effective communication between the West and East to reveal what role literature and linguistics can have in securing channels of understanding, dialog between civilizations and integration.

Conference Themes

The Conference Themes: Papers on any topic in linguistics, literature and associated fields are welcome, including:
* Linguistics:
1. Discourse Analysis with a peculiar focus on the adoption of Critical Discourse Analysis framework
2. Syntax: Papers in any area of current research in Generative Grammar are encouraged such as agreement and phi-features, ellipsis, focus, negation, negative polarity items, tense and aspect, null arguments, information structure and syntax and its interfaces.
3. Semantics: Areas of semantics include lexical semantics, Formal Semantics, Cognitive Semantics and Figurative Language, Intensional Semantics (Propositional attitude, Modality, Evidentially, Tense and Aspect), Denotational Semantics (Denotation, Possible Worlds, Truth-Conditional), Semantics and its interfaces with other fields of study including: syntax, discourse, and pragmatics.
4. Phonology: Optimality Theoretic research papers
5. Second and First Language Acquisition
6. Corpus Linguistics
7. Lexicology: triple investigation of dictionary
* Literature:
1. Ethnic and cultural studies
2. Identity and Culture including gender, history, nationalism, religious beliefs.
3. Postmodernism studies including Fragmentation, Paradox, metanarrative, Magic realism
4. Feminism
5. Children Literature

Terms and Fees

  • - The researcher should submit original unpublished research (20 pages max., font Tines New Roman, size 12). Referencing should follow APA style.
  • - The research submitted shall be subject to the basis of scientific research.
  • - The languages of presentation at the conference will be English, French and Arabic.
    - The scientific committee of the conference will conduct a peer review for proposed researches, and will have the right to accept or reject proposals.

- The first page of the research will list the title of the research, name of researcher, academic rank and the institution for which the researcher works.
- A one-page CV will be submitted with the research.
- The researcher will submit an abstract of the research in English (150 words each max.), on two separate sheets. On the top of the first sheet, The title of the research and the researcher's full name with his/her academic rank as well as the postal and e-mail address shall be provided. At the bottom of the page, keywords (5 max.) will be added reflecting the content of the research.
- Fees: JD50 for researchers from Jordan, $150 for participants from outside Jordan
- The University will pay for expenses of transport and catering during the researcher's stay in the hotel for participants from outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for three days.
- The participant may benefit from the preferential price that the university receives for the hotel stay if he-she wishes to stay longer.
- The University will contract with a publishing house to publish the researches presented in the conference as one copy will be sent to each researcher.
VII. Timetable
Date of conference : 8-9/05/2018
Deadline of submitting abstracts: 15/02/2018
Conference events, programmes, days, dates, hours.morning and evening sessions.
On the sidelines of the conference cultural and art activities.



Falcon Rock Hotel – Al-Karak – Jordan