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The Annual Undergraduate Information Technology Conference (AUITC) will be held over one day in the early spring of each year and brings together graduate students from diverse IT and related engineering backgrounds to present their graduate projects. Presenters are assigned to panels according to the topic of their projects, and a professor in the respective field chairs these panels. After all of the speakers have presented their project, there is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions, and for the chair to provoke further discussion. The conference is followed by a reception. Graduate students in IT and related engineering academia from all the Jordanian universities are invited to present their works at the AUITC. The leading business companies in IT and communication sectors are invited to see the products of our students so as to be adopted if needed. We thank those—faculty members and students—who have given their time to bring this event to fruition. We hope you will attend the 2019 AUITC. This year’s conference will be held on April 2, 2019.

About the College: Information technology college

About the College:

The College of Information Technology was established at the beginning of the academic year 2016 as an extension of the computer department which was established in 1984. The college has many specialties for bachelor's degrees, namely computer science (cs), computer information systems specialization (cis) , software engineering specialization and master's program in computer science The development of the Faculty of Information Technology came to cope with the rapid development in the ICT sector at the local and international levelsThe departments of the college witnessed a qualitative development with the adoption of the latest academic plans and the development of new specialties that keep abreast of the developments of the labor market and the modern technological revolution. The College includes many faculty members in various academic disciplines who have the knowledge and high abilities to refine and guide the students' skills to achieve the best level of education for them. The College also provides many laboratories equipped with the latest computers and its annexes, which form the cornerstone during the educational process for students. Which is the cornerstone of the educational process for students. The College is also keen during its scientific career to adopt many activities and seminars and contribute to raising the level of scientific students and staff. The College of Information Technology in Mutah University aims to provide the local market with the best competencies in the fields of information technology and modern technology tools and developing its undergraduate and graduate programs continuously to improve the product and fill the needs of the local community. ..

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