Agricultural Research Station

The Agricultural Research Station

Manager : Eng. Ahmad Sgeer


     The station serves the College by providing facilities for teaching, demonstrations, and research conducted by the departments. There are two Agricultural Engineers responsible for cooperation between the station and the two departments. A wide variety of fruit trees, ornamentals and forest trees are grown in a total area of 393000 m2 in the station. The total number of fruit trees is 3530 trees include pome fruits, stone fruits, pomegranate, pistachio, fig, pecan, walnuts, lemons, kaka, loquat, and grapes. The station runs seven plastic houses of a total area of 2930 m2 used for vegetable production and nurseries for plant propagation. Besides, 250 m2 glass house used for control environmental researches of ornemental crops and plant propagation. In addition, a wide area is available for field crop production and irrigated vegetable crops.
     The Animal Production facilities are located in the building area of 1400 m2 for livestock and 700 m2 for poultry. The livestock includes 47 head of dairy cow, 74 goats, and 101 sheep. The milk product of the animals is processed in a dairy unit to produce cheese, yogurt and "labaneh" for sale to the employees at the university.