Agriculture Staff

 The Administrative Staff

Prof. Adel Hasan Abdel-Ghani 

Dean of Faculty of Agriculture

Mutah University



Office phone: 09622372380/office(6504)

Phone: (  0799771229)

Fax: (032323154)



Dr. Saed Owise 

Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture

Office Phone: 6504


Mutah University


Chairman of Plant Production Dept./member

Office Phone:  6510




 Eng. Ahmad Abdullah alsageer 

Agricultural Research Station Manager

Office phone: 09622372380/office(6540)

Phone: ( 0795849749 )


Mohammad Metleb Al-Majaly

 Director of administrative services Dept. 

Office phone: 09622372380/office(6544)

Phone: ( 0795852416) 


Adel kaleefeh Ibrahim Al-dhasat

Chief of staff 

Office phone: 09622372380/office(6535)

Phone: ( 0799544415)