College Activities


Faculty news and activities

1- Starting preparation for the first scientific conference of sports science faculty at Mutah University, which is intended to be held from (1 Sep. 2015 - 4-5 May, 2016).

2- Hosting a Korean expert specialized in medical instruments, a manager of Arab Engineers Company for medical equipment to address a lecture regarding athlete rehabilitation especially in body set

3- Holding the trial competence test for foreseeing graduate students in the laboratories of the administrative building on Sunday (29 Nov – 21 Dec 2015).

4- Completing the accommodation of the auditorium with (240) capacity seats awaiting the official opening celebration

5- Winning the final match by the faculty quinary team of football againt the team of business and administration  faculty within the events of the university championship for football quinary with the participation of the other faculties in the university on 22, Nov 2015.

College previous activities:

  • Holding the first sports scientific conference for the sports science faculty 4-5 May 2016
  • Holding a scientific day for physical education department in March 2016
  • Holding a workshop for using instrument and tools in the laboratory
  • Holding a scientific day for the department of sports rehabilitation in April 2016
  • Holding Sports courses in the field of sports training in coordination with the center of sports leaders preparation and south center (second academic semester, 2015-2016)
  • Holding sports courses in the field of arbitration for several sports games in coordination with all the concerned sports federations for each games (second semester,2015-2016)