College Activities

Activities and Initiatives
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  1. An initiative entitled "My food is my medication", done by the students of Nutrition and Food Technology Department in (a) Aqaba Comprehensive Health Center on August 30th 2015; and (b) Al-Rahmeh Mall / the largest shopping center in Aqaba on September 15th 2015 (attached).
  1. An initiative entitled "My land is my homeland future" for College of Agriculture students/Mu'tah University. The initiative was performed under the supervision of the faculty staff, where the students have conducted a productivity project in Mugar area-north of Karak District in a land owned by a faculty's student. In this initiative, five greenhouses were grown by vegetables and many other plants. This initiative aimed at:
  1. Enhancing the young people to go back to their lands and grow them.
  2. Stick students to the land according to the university philosophy that already taken from the royal visions and converting them to awareness and operational plans for the university students to give them the hope in the future life to be of positive help for their country.
  3. Make a society change, so that the citizens go back to their lands and get benefit of them.
  4. Conduct a practical experiment in food production from the land to reach to the self-sufficiency in their houses.
  1. An initiative entitled "My faculty in my responsibility". This initiative was conducted by the college's students, agriculture club and faculty deanship, in which the plants were grown and the entire faculty dormitory was cleaned by students and employees.


 Internal Activities:-

  1. Receive and welcome of all our local schools trips in order to view the agriculture collage activities.
  2. Provide all types of support for our local community such as: technical advice, field visit to the local farms, in order to help our farmers and provide them with the most benefit information related to the agriculture production.
  3. Giving most recent advices and recommendations for all farmers in the area of olive production (Olive oil production and their industry area) such as: Methods to check olive oil quality (rancidity, acidity, fatty acid composition…ets).
  4. Scientific day of the agriculture exhibition.
  5. Establish championships with our students such as: football, volleyball, and table tennis.

External activities

  1. Participation in workshop in the area of deduction the agriculture mutations improved by radiation and having the ability to resist the world climate change.
  2. Participate in workshop entitled: Orientation, networking & brokerage workshop for researchers in Jordan
    During the period between 23-24/3/2015
  1. Parcticpate in the second Erasmus plus conference in order to announce about the second call of proposals and projects which done in the Inter-continental hotel located in Amman on Monday November 9th
  2. The Agriculture collage was hosting three faculty members from different European Universities (University of Granada, University of Verona Italian , Aristotle University Greek). The three members where gave lectures to the undergraduates and postgraduates students and having a chance to look over our agriculture laboratories (pictures attached).
  3. Participate in the panel discussion: project of building the ability of workers in the area of Jordanian olive production. Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) : at 8/11/2015. In the attendance of Mr Clivio Coordinate of TEMPUS / Brussel), and Dr Ahmad Abo alhija ( Manger of National Office of Tempus) president and vice president of JUST University and all universities project representative. In addition the participation of association such as: Jordan sensory evaluation and Jordan association of olive products exporters.
  4. Attening of the first administrative meeting for the project of building the ability of workers in the area of Jordanian olive production in Verona City- Italy in the period of 25-28 February 2015 and take a look over some olive farms in the area.
  5. Visting the University of Granada (Spanish) invited from Professor Antonio Carretero in the period of 5-15 June 2015 to look over the advance and new methods in the area of olive production such as testing of olive oil quality and their phenolic compound content.
  6. Visiting Tafila Technical University with a team work from our agriculture collage (faculty members from a plant production department) and viewing their experiment in using Zeolite and volcanic tuff as growing media.



  1. My food is my drug is an Activity has been done by the students of Nutrition and food technology department in the following places:

- Aqaba health center on 30 th August 2015
- Rahma Mall of Aqaba on 15 th September 2015.

  1. My land is my country future is an activity which has been done by the students of Agricultural faculty/ Mutah University:

The students cooperate with their faculty to perform a producing in the province of Qaser, Karak in a land belong to one of the student. They accomplished the planting of five plastic green houses with vegetables and other products.
The goals of the Activity are:

  1. Encourage the people to return back to their land and planting different kinds of crops
  2. To apply the philosophy of the university according to the Royal vision is to encourage people sticking to their home land giving them hope to be a good and productive people.
  3. Create a Social change for people to believe in returning to their home land.
  4. Start a practical experiment to let people produce their food from their home .


  1. My faculty is my responsibility is an activity has been accomplished by the students and the Agricultural club and the faculty staff to plant the place with Floriculture and gardening in addition to clean and organize the faculty yards.