College Activities


The 6th International Conference of the Faculty of Arts, Mutah University


Contemporary Linguistic Theories and their Impact on Language Acquisition and Teaching 2-4 July, 2019


The Faculty of Arts at Mutah University is hosting the 6th International Conference of Literature and language as a platform for Interaction between Civilizations on 2-4 July, 2019. The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars adhering to contemporary linguistic theories to address long-standing or new theoretical issues pertaining to the acquisition, learning and teaching of languages. The accomplished technical and technological developments can stand out as signs of the progress and development of nations, which is influenced by the competence of the educational system and the ability to keep up with the developments worldwide. For a better understanding for such developments, communication is necessary which cannot be established unless channels of understanding between peoples of the world is secured which is reliant on learning and teaching languages, namely the multidisciplinary field of language acquisition. The conference enhances chances of examining the up-to-date developments in the field of contemporary theories of language acquisition as well as spreading awareness about the status, aims, and trends of language teaching and learning in the Arab World, and about the latest development in harnessing contemporary technology in education techniques, acquisition strategies, evaluation, curriculum development and building effective teaching methods. Such endeavor has become a necessity as the Arabic language competes with other world languages.

1. Conference Aims

  • Evaluating the implementation of contemporary linguistic theories in teaching languages and Arabic, in particular.

  • Examining the ways in which contemporary theories of language can be implemented efficiently in teaching Arabic.

  • Underlining the difference between the acquisition mechanisms of the first language and second language within cultural and language systems.

  • Examining teaching of languages in various fields, such as tourism, business, sports etc.

  • Recognizing the latest theories and innovations in language acquisition and teaching and keeping up with relevant contemporary technologies.

  • Promoting the role of the Arabic language in boosting channels of international and intercultural communication.

2. Conference Themes:

  1. Contemporary linguistic theories relevant to formal aspects of language, including:

  1.  Morphology

  2. Phonetics

  3. Phonology

  4. Syntax

  5. Semantics


  1. The implementation of contemporary linguistic theories in the domain of First Language Acquisition:

  1. Contemporary linguistic theories and First Language Acquisition   

  2. Bilingual and multilingual first language acquisition

  3. language acquisition in the presence of cognitive impairment and autism


  1. The implementation of contemporary linguistic theories in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and the teaching of languages to non-native speakers

  1. Generative approach to SLA

  2. Cognitive approach to SLA

  3. Sociocultural approach to SLA

  4. Second language learning and teaching methods

  5. Language policy and foreign language teaching

  6. Building curricula for language teaching

  7. Acquisition of signed language 

  8. Culture and its influence on language teaching and learning

  9. Teaching Arabic for non-native speakers


3. Terms of Participation:

  • We invite abstract submissions for 20-minute oral presentations followed by a 10 minutes discussion on any of the issues listed above. Abstracts shall include the title and 1-2 keywords should not exceed one page (A4 or Letter size), with a possible second page for examples, diagrams, and references. Please use 12 size fonts with at least 2.5 cm or 1 inch margins. Abstracts should be anonymous and should be submitted as PDF or Word Documents.

  • Researchers will have to submit original research (20 pages maximum, single spacing, double-spaced paragraphs, and headings, New Times Roman, 12 PT, 14 in headings).

  • Conference languages are English, French and Arabic. Researches are to be submitted in these languages.

  • The research submitted shall be subject to the foundations and methodology of scientific research.

  • Front page should include researcher's name, academic rank and institution the researcher works for.

  • List of references and bibliography shall not be included in the research.

  • Committee of referees of the conference shall adjudicate the researches. The Committee shall have the right of accepting or rejecting any submitted research.

  • Researches not conforming to the criteria above will not be accepted.

4. Conference Registration Fees:

  • $200 for non-Jordanian participants (covering accommodation and transportation)

  • $300 for attendees not taking part in the conference (covering accommodation and transportation)

  • $100 for Jordanian participants.

For participants from abroad, the registration fees will cover the accommodation, catering and transportation from and to the airport and the conference venue for only 4 days. The participants can benefit from the preferential price the university receives for the hotel if they wish to stay longer in the hotel.

Co-authored researches will be treated as one-author researches.

The committee will examine the researches and will contract with a publishing house to publish conference proceedings.


5. Dates and Timetable:

  • Conference Dates: 2 – 4 July 2019

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 March 2019

  • Final Research Drafts Submission Deadline: 1 June 2019

Notification of acceptance will be within two weeks maximum after receiving the abstracts.

6. Addresses of Correspondence:

Abstracts filled in participation form shall be sent to the following address:

Professor - Dean of Faculty of Arts.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Sixth International Conference of the Faculty of Arts (French) (Arabic) (English)

Researches have to be sent in PDF and Word Document formats following the style and formatting clarified above.


Collegue Activities 

  1. The college conference on linguistics.
  2. The biannual conference on literature as a means for cultural communication
  3. The annual cultural completion of the college.
  4. Enhancing the study of Arabic language.
  5. Developing collaboration with foreign embassies in Jordan through the Language Center in the college