College Activities

 College Activities

Year 2013-2014   


  1. College opened for registration of students;

     2  specialties were announced: Industrial Pharmacy or Management Pharmacy

      A student should register in one of them.

      Total credit hours were 166 h to get B.SC in either specialty 

     2 Departments in College: Industrial pharmacy department  and Management Pharmacy department 

      Teaching staff Number: 5 

  1. Registration of first batch of students: 108 students registered
  1. Teaching of students during first academic year was done at teaching halls and labs of faculty of science at Mutah University
  1. Three scholarships for obtaining Ph.D in different pharmacy specialties were granted; they started their Ph.D study in late 2013 




  1. Welcome reception for the registered students by MU President,Dean of faculty, Head of departments, and teaching staff.
  1. Evening ceremony and scientific meeting held at Al-Karal historic court  in collaboration with pharmacy unit at Al-Karak governorate hospital

     to welcome the start of teaching at faculty of pharmacy of MU

  1. First scientific day of faculty held in collaboration with Al-Karak  Governorate hospital on June 9 ,2014
  1. Free Medical day clinic held in Al-Rabbah district of Al-Karak on June 14, 2014  
  1. Scientific visit to labs of faculty of pharmacy at JU on Nov. 17,2013
  1. Attendance of 7th scientific day of faculty of pharmacy at JUST
  1. Participating in conference on " Ethics of scientific research"  Held on April 29-30, 2014 at JU


Year 2014-2015   


  1. Registration of 93 new students.
  1. Enabling Labs for teaching by providing requirements of furniture,  equipments, technicians and supervisors
  1. New scholars , 3 in number, were chosen for Ph.D study; they joined their Ph.D department abroad in Sept.2015 
  1. Contracts done with a number of teaching staff in order to join faculty at beginning of academic year 2015-2016 . 2 lab supervisors joined

      faculty during first semester of 2014-2015



  1. Reception of new students at hall of student deanship at MU
  1. Free Medical Day Clinic held at Al-Rabbah on Nov.,2014
  1. Second Scientific dat of faculty of pharmacy held in MU on April 21, 2015
  1. First issue of "Pharmacy Pulse" journal was published on Feb. 2015
  1. Attending 3rd conference of faculty of pharmacy at Israa University  on March, 2015


 Year 2015-2016  ( First Semester)



  1. 146 new students joined the faculty
  1. Two new teaching staff joined faculty at beginning of first semester
  1. According to decision by higher education committee on accreditation,  the degree granted by faculty would be B.Sc. Pharmacy with either

     industrial track or Management track 

  1. A new study plan was introduced and implemented; the total number  of credit hours was 164
  1. Contracts made with 5 teaching staff to join the faculty at beginning of 2nd semester ( 4 teaching staff) or at beginning of next academic

      year ( 1 teaching staff).


  1. Three new department were established instead of the older 2 departments.
     These included : 
    1. Dept of pharmaceutical Chemistry

    2. Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
    3. Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy practice


       These departments will be implemented next academic year when it  is hoped that the number of teaching staff will be enough to make  this feasible.

    In the mean time, there is one dept. in the faculty, namely, the  Dept. of pharmaceutical sciences.

  1. The strategic plan for the faculty for the next 5 years was done. 
  1. A Scientific Cooperation Agreement was made with faculty of pharmacy  At JU; it was implemented in this first semester
  1. Faculty requirements (equipment , personnel, offices and teaching staff) were estimated financially and included in University budget for

       this current year 2015-2016



  1. Reception of new students was done on Nov.2015 
  1. A decision on the way of training student in Community Pharmacy (2 credit hours) was taken, and the evaluation of this subject is by

     Pass or Fail method instead of numerical numbers. 

      A similar decision was taken on  evaluation of " Pharmaceutical Field Training" and "Research Project for Graduation" subjects in 5th year.

  1. It was agreed by faculty council to hold first aid courses for pharmacy  students. It is also planned to hold meeting and present pharmaceutical

      education lectures to schools and local community at Al-Karak.  

  1. It is intended to hold 3rd scientific day of the faculty on March 29,2016 
  1. Efforts are underway to get Presumptive Pharmacy lab ready for teaching, during summer course or next year semester courses. The director

      of Pharmacy 1 company will be visiting the faculty soon in order to decide on starting supplying the requirements for Presumptive Pharmacy

      which would completed within few weeks.