Committees college

College council:

Dean                                                                                 : Dr. Mohammad Elmatalqah

Vice dean                                                                         : Dr. Majed Aladaylah 

Head of Arabic Department                                           : Dr. Ahmad Alzoubi

Head of English Department                                         : Dr. Rania Al-Aqarbeh 

Head of European Languages Department                 : Dr. Hamod Al-Rahawi 

Arabic Language Department representative             : Dr. Saif Aldinne Al-fuqarah 

English Language Department representative           : Dr. Abeer Al-rawashdeh

European Languages Department representative      : Dr. Ahmad Al-btoush

Local community representative                                  : Ms. Orobah Al-shamaileh

Local community representative                                  : Ms. Rab'a Al-Aeedi

Council secretary                                                           : Dr. Basem Al-Bdirat


Graduate studies committee: 

Chairperson                  : Dr. Mohammad Elmatalqah /Dean

Vice dean                       : Dr. Majed Aladaylah / Vice dean  

Member                          : Dr. Ahmad AlzoubiHead of Arabic Language Department


Member .                        : Dr. Rania Al-Aqarbeh / Head of English Language Department

Member                          : Dr. Zayd Al-Maqableh /Arabic Language Department

Member                          : Dr. Abdelillah Al-Nahar /English Language Department


Study plans committee: 

Chairperson                 : Dr. Majed Aladaylah / Vice dean 

Member                      : Dr. Basem Al-Bdirat/ Dean assistant 

Member                       : Dr. Hamed Al-Jaradat /English Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Laith Ibrahim / French Language Department 


Scientific research committee: 

Chairperson .               : Dr. Dr. Khaleel Al-Rofoo/ Arabic Language Department 

Member                       : Dr. Atef Al-Sarayrah /English Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Ahmed Al-Btoush / French Language Department


Social activities committee: 

Chairperson                 : Dr. Basem Al-Bdirat / Dean assistant

Member                       : Dr. Rab'a Al-Majali/ Arabic Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Abeer Al-Rawashdeh /English Languages Department

Member                       : Ms. Alia Al-Mahasneh / French Language Department 


Quality assurance committee: 

Chairperson                 : Dr. Basem Al-Bdirat / Dean assistant  

Member                       : Dr. Khalaf Al-Jaradat /Arabic Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Atef Al-Sarayreh /English Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Ahmed Nawafleh/European Languages Department


Interrogation committee: 

Chairperson                : Dr. Majid Al-Adayleh/vice dean 

Member                       : Dr. Basem Al-Bdirat/Arabic Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoubi/Arabic Language Department


Language center committee: 

Chairperson                : Dr. Mohammed El-Matalqah/Dean

Member                       : Dr. Atef Al-Sarayreh/ English Language Department

Member                       : Dr. Abdulkader Al-Khattab /English Language Department