The Cooperation with the Medical Establishments

Inside and Outside The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

     There is well-established cooperation between the College and the medical establishments inside and outside the Kingdom. The College is always in contact with the College of Medicine at Jordan University, the College of Medicine at the University of Science and Technology, lrbid, the Union of Arab Universities, Ministry of Health, Health Directorate at Karak governorate, and Karak government hospital, representatives of the World Health Organization in Jordan, UNESCO organization, Jordanian Medical Council, the Higher Council for Science and Technology, and others.
     These establishments have been informed about the wish of the College of Medicine in participating in conferences, meetings, and lectures related to the different medical subjects, and to be made aware of their new development. A representative of the College of Medicine shall be appointed as member of the Jordanian Medical Council. The University administration office as well as the College of Medicine and its library was also visited by a delegation from the Regional Center of the World Health Organization who expressed satisfaction and admiration of what has been accomplished till now. The delegation promised to continue cooperation as well as exchanging consultations. Correspondence has also been made with a number of World Organizations in order to benefit from their offered technical and academic support in the medical field.