Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical  Technology 


This department is responsible for the theoretical and practical teaching of students of faculty of pharmaceutical sciences in the subjects of pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy. Pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology, calculations and compounding in pharmaceutical formulations.  In addition, it follows the teaching of pharmacology, immunology, pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, cosmetics, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical biostatistics, and other subjects to students of faculty.

 The department at present has 3 teaching staff members, including department chair.  It is expected that this number will increase to 7 by the start of first semester of next academic year 2017-2018 .   


Dr. Rawan Al-Karki Department Head

Assistant Professor


Bachler: Jordanian University, Jordan, 2002

Master:  Jordanian University, Jordan, 2009

PhD:  Jordanian University, Jordan, 2016

Speciality: Pharmaceutics

Dr. Maha N. Sayed

Associate Professor


Bachler: Ain-Shams University, Egypt, 2003

Master:  Ain-Shams University, Egypt, 2008

PhD:  Ain-Shams University, Egypt, 2012

Speciality: Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Dr. Hesham M. Tawfeek

Associate Professor


Bachler: Assiut University, Egypt, 2001

Master:  Assiut University, Egypt, 2005

PhD:  Assiut University, Egypt and Liverpool John Moores University, U.K., 2011

Speciality: Pharmaceutical Technology &Pharmaceutics

Dr. Ahmed M. Yuossef

Assistant Professor


Bachler: MSA University, Egypt, 2005

Master:  Bradford University, U.K., 2012

PhD:  Bradford University, U.K., 2015

Speciality: Pharmacology

Dr. Areeg Awdallah

Assistant Lecturer


Bachler: Jordanian University, Jordan, 2006

Master:  Science and Technology University, Jordan, 2015.

Speciality: Pharmaceutics

Dr. Yasser Gaber

Associate Professor


Bachler: Cairo University, Beni-Suef branch, Egypt, 1999

Master:  Cairo University, Egypt, 2007

PhD:  Lond University, Sweden, 2012

Speciality: Microbiology and Immunity

Dr. Rasha Hussein

Assistant Professor


Bachler: Cairo University, Beni-Suef branch, Egypt, 2004

Master:  Lond University, Sweden, 2009

PhD:   Beni-Suef University and Groningen University, Holland, 2014

Speciality: Biochemistry