Future plans

             Future plans of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

  1. It is intended to hold 3rd scientific day of the faculty on March 29,2016 
  1. Efforts are underway to get Presumptive Pharmacy lab ready for teaching during summer course or next year semester courses.  

  1. It is planned to hold first aid courses for pharmacy students.  

  1. It is also planned to hold meeting and present pharmaceutical education lectures to schools and local community at Al-Karak.  

  1. Many teaching staff will be joining the faculty during the second semester of this year or during next academic year.  Offices, furniture,  and computers are needed for them, and hope that  the University will be cooperative with faculty to get them ready.  

  1. A list of available training pharmacies, drug stores, research centers, industrial pharmacy plants, and pharmaceutical administration training sites should be made available inorder to train our students during their final fifth year of study in industrial or management  pharmacy tracts.  Agreements should be made with them and ministry of health regarding this training. The experience of other pharmacy   faculties in Jordan in this regard must be sought.  

  1. More labs , 2 or more in number, might be needed.

  2. At least 4 classrooms are needed , 2 of them of large size.  

  1. It is hoped that the new faculty building to be completed during the coming 2 years to accommodate the increasing number of students and teaching staff of faculty of pharmaceutical sciences. We humbly ask the university of Mutah not to increase the admission

           Number of students for next academic year till the first batch of our Pharmacy students graduate at end of academic year of 2017-2018.