Graduate Studies College

Graduate Studies College

Mutah University admits outstanding graduate students, who demonstrate the ability to do creative and original works. With its state of the art campus, top respectable college, quality research facilities and progressive sprit, the university is distinguished by its interdisciplinary curricula that bring students and the college from different academic disciplines together to address challenges in the Arab region and the Middle East. The university offers (47) master and (7) PhD programs in addition to various graduate diplomas.


Welcome to Mutah University

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Mutah University. At Mutah University, we are guided by our values of integrity, respect, rational inquiry and personal excellence. Our focus on teaching and research is inspired by engagement and partnerships with those in many countries and societies we were established to serve.

Research at Mutah University extends knowledge and improves the quality of life for Jordanians and people across the worlds particularly the Islamic countries. Our research priorities focus on solving real world problems across the social, economic, physical and the environmental domains.

Mutah University has been establishes in 1981, and from that time, it has grown rapidly into a quality university with excellent student satisfaction and internationally recognized research. Students and graduate at Mutah University are a mongest the best in the Arab region, with many fulfilling crucial roles in our society. From the establishment days, Mutah University is committed to widening the participation and breaking down all the barriers that restrict entry of education for people of Jordan as well as foreigners, and we are continuing our work on the enhancement and development of alternative entry pathways to higher education.

We are a university that values and diversity and this is exemplified by our multicultural student cohort spanning a wide range of ages. I encouraged all of you to find out more about how Mutah University can help you to reach your potential.


Dean of Graduate Studies College
Prof Dr Omar Al-Maaitah