The Laboratories

     The Basic Science Building is equipped with large laboratories (Table). All laboratories have side-rooms (for the technicians) and a store room. Some labs have preparation room and hoods as well. Other than the labs used for undergraduate teaching, well equipped research laboratory is available and is used currently for the faculty research work. Large skill lab is available in the clinical science building as well.

Table: Faculty Laboratories


Lab Dimensions Number of Students
Physiology & Pharmacology 25 x 6 = 150 m2 40 - 50
Biochemistry 25 x 8 = 200 m2 40 - 50
Microbiology 25 x 8 = 200 m2 40 - 50
Histology 22 x 8 = 176 m2 40 - 50
Anatomy lab 1 25 x 6 = 150 m2 40 - 50
Anatomy lab 2 25 x 8 = 200 m2 40 - 50
Dissection room 8 x 6 = 48 m2 40 - 50
Research labs (3 rooms) 70 m2  
Histopatholgy preparation lab 48 m2  
Plastination lab 48 m2  
Computer lab (BSB) 60 m2  
Computer lab (CSB) 60 m2  


     Laboratories are run and supervised by efficient technical staff members. All technicians have bachelor degrees at least. The technical staff members follow the maintenance and safety regulations and inform related departments of any shortage or maintenance requirements by the end of each term.
    These laboratories are well equipped with the necessary instruments used both for undergraduate teaching activities and for teaching staff research activities. Electronic lists of available equipments & instruments are present on the accompanying CD.
   The plastination lab that belongs to the department of anatomy supplies the needed plastinated human body parts used in the study of human anatomy.
   Computer laboratories are available in both buildings. In the Basic Sciences Building the modern computer lab is wide and equipped with 53 computers that are connected to the internet and to the data base of the whole governmental libraries within the Kingdom. Twenty computers are available in the computer lab in the Clinical Science Building with the same access facility.

Information Technology

      All staff members believe that the use of Information Technology in teaching is essential for self-learning, a formal college-level policy on its use is not yet present. The Curriculum Committee and the Deanship would be responsible for formulating such policy.

    Currently, there are two computer labs, as mentioned above, in the new basic science building (53 computers) and the clinical science building (20 computers), with internet connections. These labs are used actively by the students to prepare for their seminars and other activities. Outside these two labs, students have full access to the internet service through the wireless connection available within the whole building of the Basic Medical Sciences. This allows the students to have full access to the main library database even outside the library hours.
     The University of Mutah has already developed a new centre for E-learning as part of IT. Teaching members can introduce their lectures, quizzes, etc. on special site on line within the official web site of Mutah University. Students can communicate with their teachers as such.
All academic staff members have been enrolled in a workshop to acquire the necessary skills needed for E-learning.