Master of Public Health and Health Management

كليه الطب / القسم  : الصحة العامة

البرنامج : ماجستيرالصحة العامة/الادارة الصحية

× بالمقررات الدراسية والرسالة                                            × بالمقررات الدراسية وامتحان الشامل

التخصص العام : ( باللغة العربية والإنجليزية ): ....الصحة العامة  (Public  Health)

التخصص الدقيق : ( باللغة العربية والإنجليزية ): ادارة الصحة العامة(Public Health Management)

اسم الدرجة العلمية باللغة العربية:درجة الماجستير في ادارةالصحة العامة

اسم الدرجة العلمية باللغة الإنجليزية:....Master in Public Health Management MSc (PHM)

أوصى مجلس القسم بإقرار البرنامج بجلسته رقم .....2....القرار رقم . 2/2016. بتاريخ 23-10-2016.

أوصى مجلس الكلية بالموافقة على البرنامج بجلسته رقم ..20. القرار رقم .20/2016..بتاريخ 31/10/2016

التاريخ المقترح لبدء البرنامج:.أيلول 2017

أهداف البرنامج وأهميته



  1. To provide quality education and research in the area of health policy and management and consequently to contribute to development of a quality health care services in Jordan.
  2. To provide training in Public Health to qualified health professionals and other individuals in order to prepare them to play a leadership role in public health management.
  3. To graduate Public Health professionals with Master in Public Health Management degree who have acquired a particular depth of acknowledge and skills in public health management and who can effectively intervene and contribute to the management of health services and the production of health policies.
  4. To enable the students to be able to construct qualitative, quantitative and analytical skills needed to conduct a health management-oriented research in Jordan.
  5. To utilize management theories and frameworks to the practice of health services leadership, management and policy.
  6. To apply effective strategic management tools and practices in public health organizations.
  7. To apply the health information system as a management tool for well functioning heath system.
  1. أهمية البرنامج ومدى حاجة المجتمع له.

Introducing a Master Degree Program in Public Health Management MSc (PHM) will prepare highly skilled and competent public health workforce; the skills and knowledge to be gained will make the graduate a competitive candidate for leadership positions in e.g. ministry of health, hospitals, governmental agencies, non-governmental