The Princess Muna College of Nursing

Brief History

The Princess Muna College of Nursing was founded in 1962 under the auspices of the Hashemite leadership to train nurses who would primarily serve the Jordanian Armed Forces personnel, their dependents and the wider Jordanian public.


Initially, Princess Muna College of Nursing awarded a Diploma in Nursing following a three year training period.  In 1986 the college implemented the credit hours system, which is adopted by local universities, with the purpose of making bridging for a bachelor’s degree more accessible to its graduates. In 1998, through continuous Hashemite support and following increased emphasis on the professional level of nursing, the college became affiliated with Mu’tah University and started awarding a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing after a four year study period.  In 2005, His Majesty King Abdulla bin Al-Hussein inaugurated the current buildings of Princess Muna College of Nursing.  These were placed in a gated complex within King Hussein Medical Centre and increased the capacity of the college to 500 students.



The college’s philosophy is based on the understanding that the nursing profession is a humanistic profession and it is guided by a culture of giving and sacrificing stemming from Arabic and Islamic beliefs.


To provide nursing staff for hospitals and health care centers of the Royal Medical Services throughout Jordan. The graduate will provide holistic nursing care which encompasses preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health care. There is an emphasis for the graduate military nurses to be fit, skillful, knowledgeable and have the ability to deal with technological and informational advancements in the field.


Pioneering and excellence on national and regional level in teaching preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing and the ability to stay at the forefront of changing health care needs of the population which reflect international academic standards.  This is achieved through educational programs that are competitive and distinctive making the college a first choice for aspiring nursing students and faculty members.

Academic departments

Divided into three departments according to specialization:-

·        Clinical nursing

·        Maternal and child health nursing

·        Community health nursing

Academic programs

                  1.Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing 

                  2.Higher Diploma Program in Midwifery

                  3.Bridging program from Associated degree (two years)  to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

                  4.Master of Science in Pediatric Nursing


Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing 

142 credit hours in addition to a pass in English, Arabic and Computer Literacy

·        University requirements 24 credit hours;

·        College requirements 10 credit hours Military Education subjects and 26 credit   hours Academic subjects;

·        Nursing specialty requirements 82 credit hours including 32 credit hours of clinical practice.

Selection Criteria

·        The applicant should hold the Jordanian nationality (other nationalities can apply through special arrangement with the Headquarters of Jordan Armed Forces)

·        The applicant should be female and single

·        High School Graduate (with an average not less than 70% in scientific stream).

·        Not more than 20 years of age.

·        The candidate should pass a medical examination.

·        The height should be not less than 155 cm and have normal weight

·        She should have good conduct and hold no convictions. 

Higher Diploma Program in Midwifery

·        30 credit hours

·        Comprehensive exam

Selection Criteria

·        Hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

·        Have minimum one year clinical experience in nursing

Bridging program

79 credit hours

Selection criteria

·        Hold a diploma in nursing (Associate Degree) with an average of 68% or above in the comprehensive exam of the Ministry of Health or the competency exam held by Al Balqa Applied University.

·        Applicants who are employed by the Royal Medical Services (RMS) should be sponsored directly by the directorate of the RMS.


Master of Science in Pediatric Nursing

·         33 credit hours

Selection criteria

·        The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing or equivalent certificate in nursing from a university that is recognized by Mu’tah University

·        Full time study

·        Pass Toefl exam (500 minimum score ) or national exam (65% minimum score)

·         Minimum one year clinical experience


College campus

The campus is set in a gated enclosure situated in King Hussein Medical Center.  There is one main building for teaching, a recreational building, four student living halls and a dining hall with kitchen facilities capable of serving all students and staff.  Additionally, there is a large paved field for military training and designated parking for staff and for college transport.


The main building is composed of two floors. The first floor has an auditorium, a library, a nursing laboratory, a science laboratory and three computer laboratories, in addition to administration offices.  The second floor consists of lecture rooms, an audiovisual room and academic offices.  The recreational building has a well equipped gym, doctor’s clinic, administration offices and a snack shop.


College transport is available for all students who live outside Amman and student are regularly picked up from their home towns and taken back during the weekend.




·        ISO certified in 2015.

·        Hosting guest speakers on trending topics such as Drug Abuse, Family violence, Stoma Care, Bowel Cancer, Electronic Database Access, Psychiatric disorders in Children, Postpartum Depression and Communication Skills.

·        Graduated a number of nursing students sponsored by the Bahrain Armed Forces.

·        Change day activities organized by students.

·        Open day for student activities relating to each level of clinical practice.

·        Participating in the committees of the Jordanian Royal Medical Services international conference.

·        Regularly holding clinical ladder exams for  nursing, medicine, and allied health professions in cooperation with Royal Medical Services.

·        Regularly holding specialization courses in Intensive care, Renal, Pediatric and Neonatal nursing and providing continuing nurse education for RMS nursing staff.

·        Training for patient electronic record (Hakeem system) for Royal Medical Services personnel.



·        To start postgraduate clinical specialization diploma programs in pediatric, critical care and renal nursing specialties.

·        Exchange visits to similar nursing colleges in regional and international countries.

·        Recruit students from countries in the Arabian Gulf region.

·        Be accredited from the Council of the adoption of universities and health institutions.

·        Introducing Hakeem system training for Princess Muna College Students.