Public Administration

Department of Public Administration

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The Department of Public Administration is one of the oldest departments in the School of Business. The department provides specialised human resources to the governmental administration by providing them with the basic principles of government administration through academic study, experience, practical skills and the development of their administrative abilities which enable them to manage the work of the government and public institutions.

The department was established in 1990 and awards bachelor's degree in public administration in the civil and military parts since 1990 and the master's degree in public administration since 2000. The department supervises the granting of a master's degree in administrative and security strategies of the Royal Police Academy.

The Department seeks to attract qualified faculty members to teach in the master's and bachelor's programs as well as the doctoral program in Strategic Management. The department has prepared a strategic plan that will govern its work for the next five years based on qualified human cadres and recipients of attentive service and aware of the importance of responding to the requirements of the age. Intending to external scholarship in seven missions, the department provides qualified cadres within a comprehensive actuarial study of the University.