Public Health and Community Medicine

Department of Community Medicine and Public Health

The department of Community medicine and public health has worked since the establishment of the faculty of medicine at Mutah University on training future doctors on principles and application of community medicine and preventive medicine. Our department also working on serving and helping the local community at Karak Governorate and the Kingdom in general through health promotion lectures and activities. Also we have been serving the local community and the country through research projects that help decision makers in drawing help policies based on their results.

We work hard to keep our students and staff updated in our fields and on preparing future doctors on applying preventive medicine and evidence based medicine in their practice. We have achieved this through training students and involving them in medical research projects.
Although we have limited resources, we have conducted more than ten national projects over the last two years and published more than thirteen papers in peer reviewed journals.

We are very proud of the hard work on our staff to improve our faculty and university hoping to reach outstanding new milestones in the near future.

Our work has also extended to the region through participation in regional efforts in disease control and prevention. Our staff has been selected by regional and international organizations to help neighboring countries in different fields.

The variety of subspecialties at our department such as public health, mother and child health, occupational health, preventive medicine, epidemiology, environmental health has assisted us in achieving our goals. We also are keen on continuous development and improvement.

Yours  sincerely
Dr. Ibrahim Fahmy Kharboush  
Chairman, Department of Community Medicine and Public Health



1. To Apply knowledge and skills in the medical discipline to fulfill the needs of the nation
2. To Solve problems, think creatively, and learn new skills independently and efficiently in order to become safe, caring and competent doctors
3. To Use information from various resources in order to improve medical related knowledge, skills and productivity
4. To work in their profession with high ethical values


1. Constructing a management plan of commonly encountered problems of individual patient and the community
2. Practicing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems
3. Appreciating the socio-psychological, culture, economic and environmental factors affecting health and development human attitude towards discharging one’s professional responsibility
4. Being competent to work in a variety of health care settings and posses high moral values, ethics and professionalism
5. Be able to work as a leading partner in health care teams and acquiring proficiency in communication skills
6. Identifying community health problems and learning to work to resolve these by designing, instituting corrective steps and evaluating outcome of such measures


1. Describe the public health care services.
2. Describe the scope, vision, and methods involved in public health.
3. Identify the scope of environmental health.
4. Describe public health components.
5. Describe measurement of health and diseases, and its prevention and control
6. Describe basic concept of epidemiology.
7. Identify the scope of occupational health.
8. Describe basic concept of biostatics.