Queen Rania Center for Educational and Psychological Studies

Queen Rania Center for Educational and Psychological Studies


The Queen Rania Center for Educational and Psychological Studies was established in 2017 and is considered one of the leading centers of excellence in the university. It seeks to provide counseling and training courses: psychological, educational and professional for those interested, and to raise social and ethical awareness according to quality control standards.


The mission of the Queen Rania Center for Educational and Psychological Studies is to prepare the scientific cadres specialized in the fields of education and psychology, including: specializations (psychology,measurement, evaluation, extension, special education and childhood studies), and providing educational and technical consultations through the rehabilitation of beneficiaries, Specialization, and this is done through a package of training and advisory programs provided by the Center in order to raise the technical and professional competencies of specialists and improve the quality of services provided to them in accordance with the best international standards adopted and social values ​​Also Dah.


Excellence in educational and psychological services nationally and regionally.


The objectives of the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Center for Educational and Psychological Studies are as follows:

  • Provide trainees with the theoretical and practical skills necessary for them in their practical lives through the provision of courses and specialized training programs.
  • Qualifying specialized competencies and providing them with the latest theoretical and applied aspects of various aspects of learning and psychological guidance for the practice of high professional in various areas within and outside the university.
  • Disseminate knowledge and appropriate psychological awareness related to all areas of life and provide appropriate tools within a specialized laboratory of psychology.
  • Develop research services, methods of measurement and evaluation, and build psychological and educational tests at the university.
  • Developing research and guidance services provided to the local community.

To activate the provision of psychological counseling and guidance to all segments of society through various programs