School of Business

Dean of College

Dr.Abd Alsalam M. Abu Tapanjeh


School of Business

The School of Business was established in 1991 under the name of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Following continuous development efforts towards a world-class business school that creates distinctive business leaders, its name was changed to Faculty of Business Administration and then to School of Business in 2018.

The School of Business consists of seven academic departments that grant a bachelor's, master’s and PhD degree in seven disciplines:

Ø  Department of Accounting (offers BSc and Master’s in accounting)

Ø  Department of Business Administration (offers BSc and MBA in Management, Human Resource Management, E-Business, Marketing, Accounting and Finance).   

Ø  Department of Economics, Business & Finance (offers both BSc and Masters’ in Business Economics).

Ø  Department of Finance & Banking (offers BSc in Finance & Banking Sciences).

Ø  Department of Management Information Systems (offers both BSc and Masters’ in Management Information Systems).

Ø  Department of Marketing (offers BSc in Marketing). 

Ø  Department of Public Administration (offers BSc and Masters’ in Public Administration and PhD in Strategic Management).

In the school of Business at Mutah University, our academic staff are a group of qualified academics graduated from leading World, Arab and national universities. Our academic team conducts impactful research and equips students with the required knowledge and skills for business market.  Besides the 70 members of academic staff with various educational levels, the School has several staff who are currently enrolled in PhD programme in the best UK and Australian universities in different Business and Management fields.


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