The Plan & Teaching System

     The teaching plan for obtaining the Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery in Mutah University is distinguished in its emphasis on community medicine and public health, as well as its concern with the other medical sciences. The teaching system at the college of Medicine in Mutah University is centered on the modern method implemented by other world universities, namely an integrated modular teaching of the different systems of the human body. To graduate with the Bachelor degree in Medicine & Surgery demands the regularly-attending student has to complete all the requirements of the teaching plan as mentioned before; the cumulative average should not be less than 60%. This plan is applied for a minimum period of six academic years, extending to 8 years as a maximum. The plan also requires members of the teaching staff appointed at the clinical or basic medical science departments to have obtained the degree of Doctor of philosophy (PhD) or its equivalent in the different basic medical sciences or in preventive medicine and public health, or to have obtained the Membership or Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians or Surgeons of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland or Canada or the Board degree in Medicine or Surgery in the United States of America, or their equivalents. In addition, each of the appointed staff members should bear the Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery, with a minimum period of five years experience since graduation.



First Year Syllabus

Second Year Syllabus

Third Year Syllabus

Fourth Year Syllabus

Fifth Year Syllabus

Sixth Year Syllabus