Vision and Goals


-Work to achieve the goals of the university and meet  the needs of college members and administrative.

-Access to the university of paperless and using the electronic trading in all the work of the 
  university and getting a prominent place among the ranks of the world's universities.


1 - Develop the use of electronic systems at the university in order to raise labor productivity and improve performance at the university.

2 - Enable all staff of the university to benefit from the infrastructure for a computer network in the field of academic and administrative

3 - Enable university students to make the most of the university site on the internet and get all the information possible on the follow-up 
   academic status of the student.

4 - Raise the efficiency of the computer center staff access to specialized courses in various technical fields to ensure that they rely on
     them entirely in the management of all technical matters at the university in the future.

5 - Develop new systems at the university designed and implemented by the computer center staff.

6 - Provide computer services for university students and members of the academic and administrative bodies through the provision of 
    hardware and software development and various operating supplies and maintenance.

7 - Provide computer services possible for researchers at the university to provide the necessary hardware, software and training in their
    use and contribute to the service of scientific research and graduate studies.

8 - Provide services for the computer entry in the administrative process in the university colleges, centers and departments.