Vision, Letter, Objectives


Upgrading the library to the level of global libraries in the field of library management and information resources.
The Letter:
Providing library services for students, members of the teaching and administrative bodies and members of the local community by providing them with all types of office materials, storing, organizing and facilitating the procedures of benefiting from them.
Continuing to develop the contents of the library, diversifying its traditional and electronic holdings, organizing the library materials by cataloging them, preparing the indexes and abstracts, and enhancing its cultural role in the service of the local community by selecting materials that suit the needs of the beneficiaries.
Achieving the best standards of service quality and keeping pace with the new in the field of library and information science.
Developing the systems currently in use in the technical, library and information services to the electronic library. 
Raise the efficiency of the professional and administrative performance of the employees in the library by engaging them in training courses and office workshops.
Providing office services including internal and external loan services, reference services, photostatic services, manuscripts, special collections, documents and Hashemite Hall.