Vision, Mission, Goals



To lead the local and regional business environment in the fields of higher education, scientific research and community service.


We, the school of Business, are committed to create competent and qualified academic and administrative graduates through pioneering educational programs. We also support purposeful scientific research and productive partnership with the local community to achieve social responsibility.

Our Values

Ø  Devotion   

Ø  Punctuality 

Ø  Perfection

Ø  Transparency and Accountability 

Ø  Creativity 

Ø  Initiative

Ø  Teamwork 

Ø  Outstanding Performance Reward

Ø  Continues Improvement.


1.     To Improve Program and Syllabus to Meet the Best Practices in Management and Business Administration by:

v Update syllabus and programs to meet domestic market needs by integrating technical skills and knowledge based on creative and critical thinking.

2.     To Promote a Culture for Specialized Scientific Research in all the Components of Academic Work.

v Encouraging collaborative research work (research teams) among the Academic staff in the school.

v Developing students' researching skills.

v Encouraging academic staff as well as students to participate in scientific conferences and to publish their research in accredited scientific journals.

3.     Developing an Academic Environment to Deliver Excellent Electronic Academic Services for Academic Staff and Students.

v Promoting self-financial resources from various avenues to create and serve the vision and mission of the School.

v Establishing a development administrative plan for the School to support the application of the dimensions of governance.

v Strengthening the capabilities of administrative and academic staff in the School.

v Heading for setting an electronic School to deliver all electronic services.

v Developing an electronic material to the compulsory courses of the School and setting an automated system for academic advice to students.

v Building up all the necessary infrastructure to ensure and serve the needs of administrative and academic staff as well.

4.     To Promote Interaction Between the School of Business and the Community to Achieve Social Responsibility.

v Encouraging voluntary cooperation of academics and students to serve the local community.

v Building bridges of cooperation with the governmental and private sectors.

v Enhancing communication links with the local media.

5.     Working Towards the Adoption of Private Accreditation of all the Departments under National Standards of Accreditation.

v Developing study plans to cover the primary and supported fields of knowledge for each department in accordance with national accreditation standards

v Enhancing the culture of quality and academic accreditation of the school, administrative, supporting staffs and students.

v Activating the mechanisms of public and private quality accreditation control.

v Initiating the self-assessment system in preparation to get private accreditation.