Vision, Mission, Goals Counseling and Special Education

Vision, Mission, Goals


vision :

To be a pioneer and adjective department in the field of counseling and special education.

mission :

Developing the qualified human resources to be able to serve the community in the field of counseling and special education.

Goals :

- Preparing, qualifying and graduating the specialists at the level of graduate and undergraduate programs of counseling and mental health as well as special education.

- Conducting specialize training workshops for the teachers of special education and counselors in order to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge performance in the field of their work and majors.

- Planning for conducting specialize symposiums and seminars in the field of counseling and mental health and special education through inviting the specialists from the local community and related private and common institutions.

- Contributing in the scientific conferences as well as the scientific weeks and scientific days which are conducting in the faculty of educational sciences.

- Serving the local community through the contributions of faculty members in the department in presenting the lectures, conducting the symposiums and workshops for all sectors in the local community and introducing the family counseling services and diagnosing the target cases.

- Preparing and qualifying the specialists in educational and psychological counseling in light of the sub-objectives for the master degree plane in the college of educational science.

- Conducting the operational and field research through the faculty members in the field of developing the services for the specialists in counseling as well as for the specialists of special education.

- The contributing in enhancing the level of mental health among the students of Mu'tah University through the counseling, academic and vocational services, which are introduced by the faculty members, to achieve that we are always struggling in developing the student counseling center services for all university students and employees.

- Introducing the remedial and counseling services for the local community sectors through conducting the specialize workshops as well as preparing the suitable program for them.