Vision, Mission, Goals Economics, Business & Finance

Vision, Mission, Goals


Our vision is that the Department of Economics, Businesses and Finance to become a leading department, keeping up with an initiative and a centre of scientific research in the school specialisations which meet the community’s needs and to contribute to its development.


The Department of Economics, Businesses and Finance seeks to develop our students to be independent and creative thinkers through a high quality of teaching, research and community service.


Ø  Developing an independent and creative thinker student in the scientific and practical research and development capabilities by using scientific methods.

Ø  Reaching advanced knowledge related to economics and enabling the students of practical scientific where using the methods of analysis of independent thinking and practices of deduction.

Ø  Contributing to sufficing the needs of the labour market in Jordan in the field of economics and business in the theoretical and professional side and the developing of practical and quantitative skills in the area of business economics.

Ø  The use of modern methods in teaching and learning which go beyond the traditional approaches to the maximum extent

Ø  Developing a culture of quality in the performance of the students in the department.

Our Values

Ø  Devotion   

Ø  Punctuality 

Ø  Perfection

Ø  Creativity 

Ø  Teamwork 

Ø  Continues Improvement.