Vision, Mission, Goals Finance & Banking

Vision, Mission, Goals


The department seeks reconnaissance in saving business sector through providing educational programs of a high quality in the domain of finance and banking sciences that consider the academic distinction, proper to the practical reality as a whole.


Graduate students who enjoy the required knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of the financial and banking science in the community.


Ø  Building the student's character, develop his/her scientific and practical competencies to hold a leadership position in both the private and public institutions and corporations.

Ø  participating in the most recent developments, innovations, novel knowledge in the domain of finance and business domain.

Ø  Contributing to gratification the work market in financial and business domain.

Ø  Providing students with the practical skills through practical training and case study of management and financial domains.

Ø  Developing plans and curricula continually to match the needs and demands of the work market, seek the opening of master's degree in business management.

Ø  Attracting staff members with competence and capacity to create and develop.

Ø  Coping with global and local developments in the financial and banking majors.