Vision, Mission, Goals Management Information Systems

Vision, Mission, Goals​
We seek for excellence and leadership in the scientific and practical in an open future social learning environment.
We seek to raise the employment rate of the department graduates by providing them with knowledge, competencies and practical skills in the field of management information technology and business systems to support the development towards a knowledge in the economy and information society through partnerships with the business sector and to provide further attention to the side of applied information systems in the business sector
Ø  Providing high quality education in the field of management information systems and business technology to students in line with their diverse interests and professional expectations and commensurate with the needs of the labour market.
Ø  Preparing students to benefit from their knowledge in the field of work using problem-solving tools and techniques.
Ø  Preparing students for lifelong learning by giving them the knowledge and skills needed for scientific research and decision-making.
Ø  Increasing cooperation with the business sector, thus enriching the scientific and practical skills of graduates to help them find jobs after graduation.
Ø  Committing to high professionalism and continuous improvement in the teaching and learning process is in line with the university quality guidelines.
Ø  Building partnerships and networking with organisations in public and private sectors to understand and understand problems related to informatics to provide creative solutions based on scientific and sound knowledge.
Ø  Ensuring academic excellence in the department by focusing on scholarships for outstanding and competent students, providing and updating scientific sources of books, scientific journals and databases, and enhancing the scientific capabilities of faculty members by encouraging them to participate in conferences, workshops and courses.