Vision, Mission, Goals Public Administration

Vision, Mission, Goals



Towards a distinguished student who is capable of responding to the requirements of the governmental business administration and the community service.


Conducting a unique academic research process according to recent study plans that respond to international requirements and transformations. We also seek to provide the student with the knowledge that related to the management of the official business and acquire the skills that enable them to work in different sectors of the state and make him active in the service of his community.


Ø  Providing the students with modern scientific theories and concepts in the field of public administration.

Ø  Providing the students with a range of practical skills that fit the Jordanian and Arab environment.

Ø  Utilizing the applications of modern technology and their impact on the practice of government business and qualifying students for the work of these applications.

Ø  Linking the study plans to the needs of the market and comprehensive development plans.

Ø  Enhancing the concept of civil service and provide students with the basics of management.

Ø  Strengthening students' abilities towards critical thinking and scientific research as a methodology for solving problems.

Ø  Qualifying a group of administrators able to keep up with the latest developments through the current master's program and the expected doctoral program.

Ø  Strengthening the system of professional ethics for students of the department and college through scientific knowledge in courses, workshops and seminars that support this trend.

Ø  Providing advisory services to public sector organisations and non-governmental organisations, according to their needs.