Vision, Mission, Objectives

Vision, Mission, Objectives


Achieving excellence in the preparation of a qualified graduate in the field of Physical Education and Sports Rehabilitation who combines theory and practice.


The mission of the Faculty of Sports Science emanates from the message of Mu'tah University, which is based on educational and academic excellence according to the scientific and technological development in preparing and qualifying the graduates who have theoretical knowledge and applied skills in the various educational, training and health sectors, as well as excellence in scientific research and activities in addition to communication with the local community.


1. National loyalty.
2. Pride of national identity.
3. Quality and excellence.
4. Leadership and teamwork.
5. Academic freedom.
6. Justice and integrity.
7. Transparency and accountability.
8. Continuous learning.
9. Self-learning.
10. Developing the freedom of professional education.


1- To prepare teachers of physical education in order to work in the field of teaching.
2- To prepare graduates qualified to work in the field of Sports Rehabilitation.
3- To enhance the technical competencies of graduates to work in the field of Sports Training.
4- To enhance administrative competencies for graduates in order to work in the fields of sports management.

5- To conduct scientific research and studies in various fields of physical education.
6- To contribute effectively to governmental and civil bodies operating within the sports domain by providing scientific and practical advice.
7- To achieve maximum cooperation with Arab and international sports institutions and institutions in studying sports issues.
8- To develop the life skills of graduates.

9- To continue the development of programs and curricula in line with the latest scientific and technological developments in the world.
10- To contribute actively to the development of sports educational programs in society.
11- To contribute actively to providing services to the local community and to work on developing the graduates of sports institutions in the local community in the administrative and technical fields.