Deanship of the Scientific Research

Welcome to the Deanship of the Academic Research (DAR) at Mutah University (MU). DAR was founded in 1990 to be responsible for the supervision, promotion and support of academic research under the name "Deanship of Academic Research and Graduate Studies". In 2001 an independent deanship for academic research was founded. DAR is considered the second corner-stone in the MM major functions (teaching, research and community services). DAR supports both pure and applied research conducted by faculty members. An Academic Research Committee was set up at the university level chaired by the MU president and consisting of faculty members who represent the various academic fields. The aim of this committee is to organize, support, follow up, and encourage academic research in MU. New forms have been developed such as Research Project, Research Publication, Book Subsidy, and conference attendance. Numerous books and research projects were subsidized and several conferences have been supported accordingly.